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As passionate travellers we belive in exploring remotes places around the world and capture people, culture, landscapes and places. For us exploring a new place is equal to getting closer to nirvana



We have driven miles and leaps, all across India. For us a vacation means driving, and drive to some far flung places where you can enjoy pure nature. Feel free to ping us if you want to drive with us.




Capturing the moments, people, cultures, festivals, events and feelings is no easy task. Its a way of feezing the time, keeping it safe for the generations to come and enjoy the past. And we are on mission to do the same with perfection.


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Spiti Valley


Home for the some of the oldest monasteries in the world, cultural hub for Buddhists, situated in the north east part of Himachal pradesh is this land of barren mountains.

Spiti, known as the "Land in the middle", lies between Tibet and India, boasts for having one of the highest inhabited village in the world, highest post office in the world and some unique mountains, rivers and lakes.

Approachable through Shimla side, via Kinnaur and from Manali side via Lahaul. Kaza is the biggest town and sub-divisional headquarter for Spiti, having plenty of Stay options, the only petrol pump, a modern monastery, and other support needs for the whole Spiti region.

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Kashmir Valley


While I have been travelling to Kashmir for quite sometime, my love of the paradise have grown to leaps in last few years. And that happened when I started exploring some of the unknown, hidden, less commercialized places in the valley.


While places like Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg, Dal Lake will always be attraction for the first time visitors to Kashmir, these places represents just 5% of the beautiful valley.


In my attempt to explore the lesser known places and sharing back with the traveler community I prepared this page to present my view of places in Kashmir.

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Last inhabitated village - Chitkul

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