Bering Nag Temple – Sangla – Kinnaur

One of the most important Hindu temples, located in the heart of Kinnaur, in Sangla village, Bering Nag temples is a must visit destination. Dedicated to Lord Jagas, a form of Lord Shiva, this temple is worshiped by the locals and Hindus with great devotion.

As you walk through the beautiful pink flowers and old houses, and approach towards the temple, you start getting a wonderful feeling of happiness and excitement. Locals are always cheerful and helpful and will guide you towards the temple.

The premises of the temple have three major buildings, a Hindu temple, a Monastery, and a beautifully crafted store house.

Best time to visit : Any month, but our favorite is April when the Apricot blossom are in abundance and a walk to the temple feels like walking through a pink valley. September is another good month as you can experience some of the beautiful festivals during that time. Winter is better avoided as this places gets covered under snow. Though we are planning to visit it in summer very soon.

How to reach : Nearest Airport is Chandigarh, then a journey by Taxi.

This temple could be a part of your bigger journey to Kinnaur.


As you walk through the beautiful Apricot trees

An old Kinnauri lady, with the lovely pink apricot flowers in the background

This is nothing less than nirvana

Don’t miss the beautiful old houses on the way to the temple

View of the temple and the village

Old but bullet proof architecture

And the temple premises

And the temple premises

Old houses on the way, take a break and enjoy these marks of the history

Natural frames đŸ™‚

Apricot Blossom at its best

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