Demul Village

Demul Village is located at an altitude 4320 meter, approachable through road via Komic and Lidang. Its a 25 km drive between Komic and Demul, out of which around 5 km is complete bad, around 15 km is dirt track but drive-able by any car and 5km of the stretch is tarred. As on September 2015, road construction was on but very slow. I had been to this stretch in Sep 2013 and nothing much changed in those two years.

Lidang to Demul is 20 km of good drive, with perfect road by mountain standards. This is a more common route taken by most of the locals, Trekkers and Tourists.

Demul is a small village with around 35-40 houses, a small school. This a famous night halt village for trekkers  and hence most of the houses have the home-stay facility and its very well managed.








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