Dhankar Monastery

Situated at an altitude of 3850 Meter, and 32 kilometer away from Tabo is one of the oldest monastery in the world, Dhankar Monastery.


Complex of the old Dankar Monastery was built on top of a 300 meter high cliff which provides a wonderful ¬†view of confluence of Spiti and Pin river. That’s why its called a “Fort on the cliff”, bruised by wars and earthquake but still standing tall.


There is a new Gompa which was built recently, little away from the old monastery but not as beautifully located as the old monastery. The only saving grace that you get a nice wide view of the old structure from the new gompa.


At a climb of 2km from the Dhankar is a small but beautiful Dhankar lake.


Dhankar Monastery-1


Dhankar Monastery-2


Dhankar Monastery-3


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