Highest Post Office – Hikkim

After two failed attempts to visit the highest post office in the world, finally I managed to experience it in September 2015. Built as a Post Office bum Home Stay, its located in the Hikkim village of Spiti, between Langza village and Komic village. At an altitude on 4440 meter, its not a joke to manage a post office, while I was breathing heavy to even reach to the post office.


As I reached the post office, I found it locked, surprising, its 11 Am, why is it closed. Because the post office do not see many customers in a day, even in days, Post Master was busy doing multitasking, cutting the barley crop in the near by field.


From inside, its not like any other typical India Post Offices, with windows and counters. Just one computer, a table, no phone, no internet and mail collection happens once in couple of days. I mailed a post card to my daughter from there and it was very exciting, though





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