Kibber – Chicham Ropeway

Kibber – Chicham Ropeway is one amazing example of the will power of people of Spiti. Long time back, this ropeway was the only connection between Spiti and Chicham village. After the construction of road to Chicham from Kyoto, life has become little simpler.


But not for people travelling between Kaza and Chicham on daily basis. If you take the Kyoto road from Chicham, it will take you 3 hours to reach Kaza. But you can just fly over to Kibber by this ropeway, and then 30 minutes by road to Kaza.

There is a bridge under construction connecting Kibber and Chicham and that is under construction since ages. I am see it in progress last three years.


If you have fear of height this is definitely not your cup of tea. Gorge is quite deep and the distance between the two end doesn’t help either

Chicham Ropeway


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