Kunzum Pass

At an altitude of 4530 Meter, Kunzum pass connects Lahaul Valley to Spiti Valley, and is the highest point between the two. Famous for its huge chortens and temple of goddess Durga, its a custom to take a round of the chortens and temple before crossing the pass.


There is a trek from Kunzum pass to Chandrataal lake, which takes around 7-8 hours to reach the base camp area of the lake.  Nearest settlement is at Batal towards Lahaul side, which is 15 km. And Losar is the nearest bigger village towards Spiti Valley side, which is 34 Km.


Kunzum pass remains snowed for the winter, it start receiving snowfall by first week of November and opened by end of June of early July.


Kunzum Pass-2


Kunzum Pass-1


Kunzum Pass-4


Kunzum Pass-5

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