Night Sky at Spiti Valley

Heaven for Astro Photographers and star chasers, Spiti is the perfect place to keep you cameras out even at night. Every corner of Spiti is a perfect setup for the same.


Though I am not really an astro photographer, but I have captured milk-way from most of the places/villages of spiti and it always a delight. The best so far was from Mud village of Pin Valley, during September 2015.



Spiti Night 1


Spiti Night 2


Spiti Night 3


Spiti Night 4






Spiti June 2016 (38)


Spiti June 2016 (33)


Spiti June 2016 (32)


Spiti June 2016 (30)

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  • Aditya Krishnan September 21, 2016  

    Amazing photos btw wanted to know which month did you guys go to spiti we are planning last week of october and planning to just roam in and around spiti for 4-5 days , also suggest which villages would be best for seeing the milky way

  • Rajiv October 7, 2016  

    Last week of October will be very very cold.

    These pics are from different trips, I have visited Spiti in all months. October/November will be good time for milkyway, just keep a track of moon

  • Aditya October 15, 2016  

    Hey listen up i am visiting kaza on 26th of this month 4 days before the new moon is it a good time to click pics of the milkyway