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Important Information

Contact Details:

  • Rajiv Kumar (Trip Supervisor) +91-9910036654, +91-9968266654 (This number will work in Spiti region)



  • Narkanda : Pleasant weather with cold morning/evening and decent days
  • Rakcham : Cold weather, days will be relatively warmer, morning and night will be colder
  • Tabo/Gulling/Kaza : Cold weather, days will be relatively warmer, morning and night will be colder
  • Rampur : Warm and Pleasant



  • Limited access in Spiti and Rakcham, recommended to keep required cash in hand



  • Narkanda : Most providers work
  • Rakcham : Poor Airtel and BSNL network, good Jio network
  • Tabo/Gulling/Kaza : Only BSNL
  • Rampur : Most providers work

Trip Plan

Day wise summary

22 Sep (Friday)

Chandigarh –> Shimla (Lunch) -> Narkanda

ETD from Chandigarh: 9:00 Am

ETA at Narkanda: 5 Pm

Evening will used to settle down, with some tea. A quick round of discussion during the dinner time at restaurant. Hotel : Snow Flakes, Narkanda


23 Sep (Saturday)

Narkanda –> Hatu Peak -> Rampur -> Wangtoo -> Tapri (Lunch) -> Karcham -> Sangla -> Rakcham.

ETD from Narkanda: 9:00 Am

ETA at Rakcham:

4 Pm Meet our local representative on tea or Dinner at Rakcham and discuss the plan for next two days. Hotel : Hotel Apple Pie


24 Sep (Sunday)

Around Rakcham Shoot for the day. Lunch at either Chitkul or Sangla. Visit to locals for discussion and interviews. Visit the ogla farms. Evening tea with Daily summary discussion


25 Sep (Monday)

Around Rakcham, Chitkul, Batseri, Temple, Kamru fort. Shoot for the day. Lunch at either Chitkul or Sangla. Visit to locals for discussion and interviews. Visit the ogla farms. Evening tea with Daily summary discussion


26 Sep (Tuesday)

Rakcham -> Karcham ->Powari -> Nako (Lunch) -> Sumdo -> Gue -> Tabo

ETD from Rakcham: 8:00 Am

ETA at Tabo: 1:00 Pm

Visit Tabo monastery, walk to the Tabo caves. Ask people about how they prepare for winters, let’s initiate our “Preparing for winter” assignments Hotel : Snow Leopard


27 Sep (Wednesday)

Tabo -> Dhankar Monastery -> Langza -> Hikkim -> Komic -> Kaza

ETD from Tabo: 9:00 Am

ETA at Kaza: 3:00 Pm

Visit Dhankar monastery, then visit to Langza, highest post office of the world, Komic etc. Ask people about how they prepare for winters, let’s click few filler shots etc, Timelapse at Langza. Evening tea with Daily summary discussion Hotel : Spiti Valley


28 Sep (Thursday)

Kaza –> Kibber –> Chicham –> Gete -> Tashigang -> Kaza

Full day event. Visit Kye monastery, Kibber and Chicham village, Gete and Tashigang village. Evening tea with Daily summary discussion There could be an opportunity to experience a local Spitian wedding at night Hotel : Spiti Valley


29 Sep (Friday)

Kaza –> Lidang -> Mud (Lunch) -> Gulling

ETD from Kaza: 9:00 Am

ETA at Gulling: 3:00 Pm

Visit Kungri monastery Meet our local representative and plan for the assignment coverage Evening tea with Daily summary discussion Hotel : Tandup Home Stay A perfect experience of staying with locals.


30 Sep (Saturday)

Around Gulling Assignment coverage Visit to near by villages and local school Evening tea with overall summary discussion Hotel : Tandup Home Stay A perfect experience of staying with locals.


01 Oct (Sunday)

Gulling -> Nako -> Powari -> Jeori -> Rampur

It’s a long day on road today. Mostly we will be on the road during the day time, so that we don’t have to drive too much on 2nd Oct. Hotel : Hotel Shangrila

02 Oct (Monday)

Rampur -> Narkanda -> Shimla -> Chandigarh

ETD from Rampur: 6:00 Am

ETA at Chandigarh: 2:00 Pm

Return Journey to Chandigarh and drop to people at Railway station or Airport



Assignment 1 – Ogla farming in Rakcham

Ogla, scientifically known as BuckWheat, is one of the main crop in Sangla-Chitkul belt, and makes the valley completely pink. We will attempt to probe more about it from locals, and will document it via videos, images and blog

Assignment 2 – Traditional dresses and Jwelleries of Kinnaur and Spiti

As part of this assignment, we will meet the locals and will understand the dresses and jwellery used by them. We will request locals to wear them and allow us to shoot the images and videos.

Assignment 3 – Preparing for winter

Winter in Spiti is really harsh and needs a strict planning and preparation. People start preparing for winter in September and thats exactly what we need to document.

Preparation and Packing



  • Warm inners, keep few pairs.
  • Jackets and warm pullovers
  • Keep the cloths more comfortable
  • Warm Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Balaclava as suggested by Asheesh
  • Warm socks
  • Comfortable walking shoes

Other essentials:

  • Sun glasses
  • SPF50 or more sun lotions
  • Moisturizer
  • Lip balm


  • Always keep few munchies in your bags
  • Nutrition bars are good to fill the stomach in between the meals


  • Keep few IDs with you, like Aadhar, License etc
  • keep cash, for some shopping and anything in between


  • Keep few general medicines for cold, headache, fever etc.


  • Camera bodies
  • Two main lenses, one Tele and one wide (one single 18-140mm type will be good as well).
  • If you have 50mm prime lens, will be helpful in interview recordings.
  • Tripod is absolutely must.
  • Multiple memory cards.
  • Extra batteries
  • Shutter trigger, if you already have, otherwise we will use timer. For exposures longer than 30 seconds, you will need trigger though.
  • Mic for better audio recording.
  • If you already have external flash, keep that.
  • Notebook and pen/pencils for documenting.
  • Some of you can carry laptops, for backup and documenting.
  • Keep a muslin cloth to keep the lenses clean.

In the end, just keep whatever you have, do not rush to buy the stuff.


Spiti and Kinnaur images

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