Spiti in Winter


While Spiti is beautiful in any month of the year, winter is completely different and magical, but quite adventurous and cold at the same time. Reaching spiti itself in winter is a task. Spiti starts getting snow by end of October, which gradually closes Rohtang pass and Kunzum pass, make it impossible to reach from Manali side. The only hope to reach Spiti in winter is through Shimla side which again gets heavy snowfall during winter.


Its difficult to convenience any taxi driver to reach Spiti in winter, only the driver with nerves of steel will attempt it. Most of the hotels remain closed, so the best place to stay is HomeStays, which is a good thing, as you get to see the local homes.


Temperature can go down to as low as -20 degree Celsius or sometimes even further down. Most of the lake freezes. Wooden and Kerosene warmers are the life savers, which are strategically placed in the dinner cum kitchen room. Lot more people can sit together in this area, to keep it more warmer.


Best place to stay safe in Spiti during winter is in Kaza, as it has most of the facility to keep you warm and resourceful. Every now and then you can explore around when there is an opportunity to drive or walk.


Last place I have reached from Kaza in winter is Rangrik and then road was blocked by heavy snow.


Winter is the best time to try your luck in having a look at Snow Leopard, only if you are really lucky


We are organizing a trip for Spiti in February 2017. Join us for this amazing adventure


Spiti in winter


Spiti in winter


Spiti in winter


Spiti in winter

Kibber Village


Spiti in winter


Spiti Winter (15)

Chicham Village


Spiti Winter (14)

Kye village with monastery in the backdrop


Spiti Winter (13)

Spiti Winter (12)

Spiti Winter (11)

Spiti Winter (10)

Machine to shoot


Spiti Winter (9)

Spiti Winter (8)

Spiti Winter (7)

Spiti Winter (6)

Spiti Winter (5)

Spiti Winter (4)

Spiti Winter (3)

Nako Lake


Spiti Winter (2)

Spiti Winter (1)


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