About Spiti

While summers might be a most popular season in Spiti, winter is something very difficult to explain in words, when it happens in Spiti.
With the white gold all around the valley and life taking a stop, its gives the visitors an opportunity to experience the nature in slow motion.
Only way to access Spiti valley in winter is via Shimla and that do gets quite adventurous when it snows.
Life takes a halt and valley becomes absolutely beautiful and different.

Know about Spiti


What’s in it for you?

  • 1. Beautiful views and vistas
  • 2. Access to some unique and unseen places, based on the weather condition.
  • 3. Live snowfall, if we are lucky.
  • 4. Unlimited photography
  • 5. Enjoying the local cuisine.
  • 6. Unlimited photography mentor ship by YellowPeaks team
  • 7. An overview session on Basics of Photography and Adobe Lightroom.
  • 8. Understand and experience the life in winter and challenges faced.
  • 9. A fully managed trip, with no hassle of worrying about logistics.


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  • Local Transport in SUV/MUV for the whole trip plan from Chandigarh to Chandigarh
  • All governments’ fees and taxes for normal journey within Spiti.
  • All basic meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), morning and evening tea.
  • Daily need of water. Accommodation on twin sharing basis, in 3 star or equivalent hotels/Home Stays.
  • We will share list of all accommodations after you complete the registration and confirm with payment.



  • Flight or travel expenses to reach India and Chandigarh.
  • VISA expanse if any Travel or medical Insurance.
  • Vehicle, Fuel and Breakdown maintenance for Self drive vehicles.
  • Any fine or challan to be paid by the driver or participants in actual to authorities.
  • Any medical emergency or rescue cost.
  • Photography equipment of any kind.
  • Hotel and Other costs added to the trip, in addition to proposed plan, due to road blockage, Political unrest or landslide, has to be paid on actual basis, by participants.
  • Any tips and gratuities to staff. Extra meals, visits and activities not indicated.
  • Items of a personal nature, including alcoholic beverages, laundry and telephone calls.

Terms & Conditions

  • All the participants should have a valid passport or a government ID
  • We will request for a scanned copy of the same during the registration process
  • Photography is restricted for some of the areas and objects like bridges, Army camps and office, some for the restricted zones Please ask before taking a picture of or with an Army personnel or local.
  • Final decision on the logistics, plan, options remains with the trip organizer. All need to abide with the proposed plan, unless there is need to change the plan under unavoidable conditions.
  • Spiti in winter is highly unpredictable, and plans can change due to snowfall. We might have to change plans and locations while on trip, based on situation.
  • While Kaza will have proper hotels with limited duration room heating, most of the stay arrangements in remote areas will be with guest houses and home stays. We will ensure it’s clean and hygienic, but room heating will be very limited.
  • We will need a copy of an ID proof issued by government organization for permits and other processes. You need to carry the same ID all the time during the trip.
  • You are responsible for keeping Spiti clean and we would need your help to bring back all our garbage back to base where it can be disposed of properly.
  • Winter is tough time not just for humans but for local wild life. Do not disturb or provoke wildlife for the sake of a good picture.


Cancellation Policy

  • 75% Refund for cancelling the trip 8 weeks before the start date 50% Refund for cancelling the trip 4 weeks or less, before the start date
  • In case of the trips getting cancelled due to unavailable circumstances, we will refund the money after deducting the administrative changes


Q: What will be the expected temperature and weather?
A : Day temperature will hover around -5 to -10 degree Celsius, while night temperature can go down to -20 and at some places to -30 degree.

Q: Roads remains open in winter?
A: Yes, most of the roads inside Spiti region remains open, there could be a blockage due to snow fall, but gets cleared in a day or so.

Q: What is AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness)?
A: AMS is result of sudden exposure to reduced air pressure and lower oxygen level at high altitude. General symptoms are Headache, Fatigue, Nausea, and Loss of appetite, sleeplessness, heavy breathing. Descending down and inhaling oxygen can cure it faster. That is why we recommend to spend at least two days in Leh, so that you get some time to acclimatize.

Q: What are the precautions for photography gears?
A: You don’t need to worry much about the professional gears much, they are built to sustain such extreme weathers. For basic gears, just keep that battery at warm places like inner pocket and avoid sudden transition from cold to warm places. Battery tend to drain faster in colder conditions

Q: I had no time to prepare, can I buy warm cloths in Kaza?

A: No, we suggest you buy it at home location and try it out couple of times

Q: Is there some trekking involved in this?
A: No

Q: I have medical history related to breathing, blood pressure or anything significant, Can I travel at such height and low temperature?
A: Please consult your doctor for the same.

Q: What about the phone connectivity
A: Only BSNL works with no guarantee of tower working.


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